Word count:900, topic need to choose from the one below.

Technical Writing Assignment #2: Process Description

A process description teaches the reader how something happens or functions, and is written in the third person. In this assignment you will be writing a process description for a topic of your choosing.

General Guidelines

Choose a process you are familiar with that could be described in about 800-1000 words for a semi-technical audience of well-educated college students majoring in a science discipline. Minimal graphics (two to three images max) are to be included in the assignment. While research is not prohibited for the assignment, avoid taking on a lengthy research process in order to complete the assignment – you have a big research project already!

Here are some possible topics: (Need to choose one topic from here)

Processes that involve lots of people/organisms could work well:

Guidelines for writing: Organize the material on the page to reflect the organization of the contents so that readers can see the structure of the process in the arrangement of text. You can accomplish this through headings, indentations, and fonts.

The document need not follow the general formatting requirements for assignments in this course, but may instead be organized on the page to best serve the imaginary reader trying to understand this process.

Laying out steps in a flowchart fashion can be a good way to visualize the steps on paper before you start writing.

Process versus Instructions: A major difference between the instructions assignment and the process description is that the reader will not be interacting directly with the process: the process will be something that develops independent of individual human intervention. As you brainstorm, be careful to avoid the phrase “how to,” which suggests instructions.

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