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Title: Logistic Management

Assignment Brief:

Select an organization that locates in Singapore, analyse its

current order processing, inventory control, and the use of ICT technologies in logistical 

operations. Recommend improvements by applying the theories and concepts found in 

logistics management. You are required to consult and fully reference a MINIMUM of 5 

references from 3 different sources(need to do In-text citation and APA reference)

*The use of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopaedia is NOT allowed.

The word range of this essay is about 1,500 words.

*More marks will be awarded for reports which provide more detailed discussion

and in-depth analysis with adequate referencing to the logistics concepts 

and models.


Assignment Format:


The essay should be presented as follows: 


• Introduction – Outline the purpose of this essay (about 100 words) and provide the 

key information about the selected organization (about 100 words). 


• Body – Analyze the current order processing (about 200 words), inventory control (200 

words) and the use of ICT (200 words) of the selected organization. Recommend 

improvement by applying logistical theories and concepts (about 600 words). Despite 

being an essay, diagrams are permitted to help explain concepts. (Only write about order cycle)


• Conclusion – Reinstates point you introduced and gives improvement recommendation, 

if necessary (about 100 words) 


Referencing – All sources referred to in your essay, including any diagrams, must be 

referenced to in-text and be included in a full reference list at the end of the assignment, 

according to the APA system of referencing. 




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