In this week’s reading, Chapter 17 Writing External Briefs, the author discusses the writing and component parts of “advocacy documents.” In many legal settings you will be part of a legal team representing a client. As a member of the team, what paralegal part of trial or appellate brief writing would you volunteer to draft? Why? As the newest member of the legal team what paralegal parts of trial or appellate brief writing do you believe you could perform immediately? Why? Perhaps you might consider sharing an experience (think team sports, a comment by a teacher or mentor that you did a good job, a similar project or job that you enjoyed doing etc.) you have had that illustrates your point.

In your reply post discuss whether you would volunteer for that same part or discuss whether you feel you are ready to do the same job as that student today or discuss which parts might become easier for you after more experience. Please give reasons to support your discussion.

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