Part 1 – Add to Website Plan








List at least three interactive features that could be added to your








site and what purpose each would serve for your site and its visitors.




The form created in Part Two of this assignment can be included as




one of the interactive features.






Part 2 – Refine and finalize your website








Refine and finalize your website by doing the following:




Add a simple web form—such as an order form, a subscription








to a newsletter, or a request for contact.






Use division or a table to structure the form elements.




Apply JavaScript® to validate the form.




Finalize a navigation system.




Use metadata to increase accessibility and search engine


















WEB/240 Version 1














Test for functionality and usability.




As in the prior assignment, use only Adobe® Dreamweaver® or








another HTML editor to refine the homepage developed in Week










Check your HTML code using the Markup Validation Service on the




W3C® website, ( prior to submitting your web page(s).








A link to this site may be found in the Materials tab on your student










Submit all website files in a compressed folder.





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