For this assignment, you will write a paper addressing the topic below. Please use the following outline and guidance as you write the paper.

Your paper must include:

1.A cover page


3.Clear statement in your words of the assigned issue

4.Discussion or brief summary of your resource and any researched material

5.Clear statement of your conclusions, with supporting argument

6.Discussion of any implications of your conclusions

7.Reference page

8.The paper must be in APA format

The text of this paper should be at least two pages long, not counting cover page or References page. You should demonstrate that you understand the terminology and the concepts used in criminal investigations, and any interrelationships with other criminal justice or social systems. You should demonstrate that you can synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information. You need to write technically correct APA format.

Allegations of Improper Evidence Handling at the FBI

1.Access the Dept. of Justice Inspector General’s report of the allegations of improper evidence handling at the FBI lab at the following website: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (the website should be work and using part six and seven)

2.Review: Background Information on Inspectors General

3.Write a paper to include:

1.A statement that supports or refutes the OIG findings.

2.Reasons supporting your statements indicating examples from the report.

Remember that this paper should be in academic format and APA style.

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