My Research Paper is Subculture ( Bikers Culture ).

I want to write three times Thesis Statement  for ( Bikers Culture ). I want to write a perfect Thesis Statement.


Thesis Statement and Title

On the date your thesis statement is due, please type it using MLA 2009 format, including a header and a running head.


Center your title, which should be more than just the name of your subculture.  Make us want to read your paper based on your title alone.


Write your thesis following the basics discussed in class and listed in the materials on Blackboard:


It is an arguable statement.


It is a complete sentence that expresses your position/opinion on a given topic.


It narrows down your topic to a specific, single focus of investigation.


It establishes a direction for the entire paper.


It is stated in your introduction.


A thesis is never a question; it could bethe answer to a question.


 A thesis is not an announcement of purpose.


 A thesis is not simply a topic.


 A thesis is not a fact.


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