Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court is made up of 9 justices who are responsible for deciding whether or not laws are in line with the U.S. Constitution.  These individuals serve life-long appointments once they are nominated by the President and confirmed by the United States Senate.  Below are a list of some of the most controversial decisions in the last few decades by the Supreme Court.   These cases are often mentioned by politicians during campaigns because the issues are still debated, even after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

For this assignment:

  1. First, list the current 9 members of the United States Supreme Court.
  2. Second, choose one of the five cases below.  In 4-5 sentences summarize (in your own words):
    • The key points in the case and explain the law being challenged; the part or amendment to the Constitution discussed in the case; and the states or local governments, if any, that were mentioned in the case.
  3. Third, in a few sentences explain the final ruling in the case by the Supreme Court and how the ruling in the case impacts the lives of Americans.  You may need to look for an additional news article if you are unsure. 

Be sure to include the links to any news articles or websites you visit by copying and pasting the link at the end of your assignment.

The Affordable Care Act cases (“Obamacare”):

District of Columbia v. Heller (gun rights):

Roe v. Wade (abortion rights):

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (campaign finance laws):

United States v. Windsor (same sex marriage):

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