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Business decision-taking is guided by national and global economic conditions, political and social events and resolutions, and the global competitive environment. Firms charge employees with the responsibility of examining this competitive environment to help them make important strategic decisions. The impact of these decisions is undeniable. Therefore, it is critical that business students become aware of news and world events that create changes in a firm’s competitive environment and affect its future. This knowledge allows you to take control of your future, careers, and better prepares you for management roles in a global economy.
In pursuit of this goal, you are required to research then submit a term paper during the 13th week of classes (see course schedule for firm due dates.) This paper is based on the global competitive environment that impacts businesses within a specified industry. A list of approved industries can be found at http://www.businesswithoutborders.com/. Keep in mind that each industry identified at this site contains subsets. You will submit a topic statement for the paper which includes a brief description of your selected industry, and your expected outcomes during the 4th week of classes (see course schedule for firm due dates.) A list of at least 10 references must be submitted during the 7th week of classes and an outline during the 9th week of classes (see course schedule for firm due dates.) For each assignment not submitted 10 points will be subtracted from the final term paper before it is graded. Therefore, it is possible for you to lose up to 30 points from the term paper before it is submitted.
You may watch any news on T.V. except local network news for ideas concerning major industries. Acceptable news programs include, but are not limited to, comprehensive reports on CNN, Fox News, The News Hour, the Nightly Business Report, or BBC World News. The last three programs are aired on public television five days each week. You may also watch other news programs found on public television. Public television is an excellent source when trying to identify relevant issues. You may want to keep a journal of these programs highlighting the major events of the day. This may help you when writing the research paper. The nightly Business Report is an excellent source.
You will submit a typewritten term paper that discusses the global competitive environment of an industry and its potential affect on firms within that industry. You must keep a personal copy of the term paper. Therefore, make sure you can access two copies, one for me and one for you. The term paper must consist of no more than 15 typewritten pages and must include a cover page, a running head, a summary, and a list of at least 10 references. Make sure that your internet references are valid and viable.
Use the format presented in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Copies of this are available in the library. I will post instructions for accessing NoodleTools to help you with developing the proper format for your reference page. It is not necessary to purchase a copy. You must, however, examine the manual for specifics. FOLLOW THE FORMAT VERY CAREFULLY. A TOTAL OF TEN (10) POINTS MAY BE SUBTRACTED FOR NOT USING THE APA FORMAT.

The final typewritten paper should include a running head, headers, and headings as indicated in the posted outline. See the APA manual for information regarding running heads, headers, and headings.
You must reference approved magazines and newspapers. The Wall Street Journal, the Economist the New York Post, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, and the New York Times are recommended references as well as http://www.businesswithoutborders.com/. Make sure that your references are diverse. If you use one of the Posts, you must use one of the Times. This will keep you from a skewed perspective of what is happening.

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