Hi everyone – Every person in the class will be making a minimum of 3 separate trades each week throughout the semester. Each Monday night, your team will present the results of those trades. Here’s what each slide should show, exactly:

Name of Company + its stock symbol

Date of purchase/How many shares bought & price per share

What was the closing value for that investment/how much did you make/lose when you sold them, if you sold them before Friday. Do not report the value of your shares as of Monday when we meet – just the value as of close of trading on Friday.

What was your rationale for making the stock purchase? Give a clear justification based on data, not gut feelings or “liking the stock.” 🙂

Here are the 3 stocks:

1- Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) was bought Thursday 08/23/2018 . Reason bought: high volume upward spiral. capital investment: 60,131.89$

2,737 shares $21.97 price paid 23.98 last price 1.69 days change 5,501.37 profit $65,633.26 market value 9.15% gained

2- Tesla (TSLA). was bought Thursday. Reason good news on that day. Please read news from that day. bought Thursday 08/23/2018 . capital investment: 84,739.20

260 $325.92 322.82 2.72 -806.00 $83,933.20 -0.95%

3- I went short on Ali BABA (BABA). Reason Trump tariffs and bad news and high volume. Please read news on that day. Bought Thursday 08/23/2018. Capital Investment 63,799.20

-360 $177.22 174.23 2.00 1,076.40 $62,722.80 1.69%

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