Look through current newspapers the internet to determine what IT issues are being

debated and discussed in the U.S. and 

around the world. (You must find at least one source related to your topic 

published within the last two years.) 


Task 2: Proposal 

Create a proposal for the selected issue. In the proposal, include the following 


Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part 

1. A paragraph of 75–100 words, describing the issue and how it relates to your 

major field of study. If the topic is not related to your field of study, why did you 

choose the topic? 

2. A tentative thesis statement on the issue, containing narrow topic, stance, and 

three claims. 

3. Create a References page and use correct APA documentation to list the 

sources you used in completing this part of the project. 


Submission Requirements: 

Submit your proposal in a Word document to the instructor. 


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