Retirement age should be extended to 65. I agree that retirement age should extended to 65 .because now in Hong Kong people want to carry on their work and after retired they may want to enjoy more and their fit for work or some old Hong Kong people don’t have their children spot to take care of them. Or in some family only one person is working to take of them is also a problem how long that person may take care of them, Hong Kong don’t have any kind of low that when people should retired and should retired. That’s it’s depend on people how long they Want to work. But their generally accepted that women can retired at 60 and at 65 Jack Mak the Hong Kong vice president of the actuarial society has said that retirement age of Hong Kong people 50 to 65 .they have fewer children and the previous generation and that’s way their children can’t give them support .and the retirement age set us raise, whether mandatory or not Mak said. In recent survey by an international investment management company found that 40 per cent of people expect to work by them self 65 due to an uncertain economic outlook and inflation. But some parts of people from the world old employees feel that has been compromised in their welfare and living standards. That early retirement reduced their life expectancies, especially among male workers, who were more prone to drink and smoke in their free time. The Austria study of the 20,000 blue- collar worker found that one additional year of 1.8 months retirement reduced the life span of the males. The Hong Kong government of the chief Stephen lam sui-lung warned that the city’s shrinking labour force could soon will start to jeopardize the economy. The retirement age recommended to reviewing. The Hong Kong peoples working life is consider economic cycles before advancing the policies to extend. If keeping the elderly in the workforce it will not help and useful for where they work in a company or anyplace. And this age 50 to 65 have only attainted primary school-level or not educated people in Hong Kong. If the worker had skilled in their work and healthy and fit for there Job.the Company also wants them to stay. Then is not a big problem for them to work their. In Hong Kong I saw many teachers getting old so they work as volunteer basis in private school or government or they teach in committee center. Or collage. But they couldn’t get full salary. They are working in a volunteer basis. Because they are retired The government needs to give chance to graduated youth In Hong Kong. Some people wants to retired earlier and some want late it’s depend on their need and thinking. If they couldn’t find a job after the age 60 to 65.or they don’t have good health they may get help from government .In Hong Kong is not a big problem because these can get help from social welfare department and if there children can support them then is nothing good then that. Because they are their children should help them and look after them.

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