3-5 page research paper, using the approved topic below.

REQUIRED: 3-5 pages, APA formatting, minimum of 3 sources.

Topic: Household hazardous material waste management and fire threat in your own home or neighborhood.

Understanding the hazardous materials and waste produced in your own home and neighborhood are critical to you and your family’s safety. Just like a business it is important that individuals who use or produce hazardous material waste no how to properly transport and dispose of hazardous materials properly. Just last year my wife and I were watching the evening news when through the window we saw large flames erupt from the garage across the street from our home. We heard small bursts and explosions as the fire destroyed our neighbors garage and part of their home. Later I was told that the fire was a residual heat from a lawnmower combined with several combustible and flammable materials stored in the garage. This research paper explores the local programs available for citizens on hazardous material waste education and proper disposal services.

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