I need you to read the article on this link below and the Guidelines are posted under. I pretty Much just need a page worth of work after you read the article based on the presentation guidelines down below because i will be presenting. you have 6 hours. The work only takes 30 minutes tbh. MAX. I just needa sleep. and have someone work on it while i sleep.






·       Should describe very briefly what the article says

·        This should be a critique/reflection – do you agree with points made in the article? What additional questions do you have?

·       How does your reflection relate directly to our course – add citations to course readings or lecture dates

·       A couple of paragraphs to a page

·       Post your write-up and comments on the Blog page on Blackboard


·       You will present one article in a group of 3-4 people on the Thursday on which you signed up (on the Wiki page on blackboard). You will have 15 minutes total to present.

·       By the Monday before your group presentation, each member of a group should have submitted a potential article and as a group you should come to consensus on which article you will present. You will send a link to Dr. Giordano before midnight on the Tuesday before your presentation so that I can send it out to the class.

·       Your group will present the article by having a conversation with each other about the following:

o   What is the main point of the article?

o   What are the most interesting points of the article?

o   How is it related to our class? (be specific)

o   How is it relevant to a general public audience?

o   What impact might the findings and/or reporting have on “society”?

o   What questions do you have for the scientists and/or the reporter – for example, about how the study was conducted, why the study was conducted or how the study was reported? If it is not about a study, adjust the questions to match the kind of story it is.

·       Your group should spend up to 10 minutes discussing these questions and others that you come up with among your group; leaving at least 5 minutes to get questions and comments from the entire class.

·       Your group should be at least 5 minutes early to class to load whatever is needed on the computer


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