Week 5 Group Project Outline



Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including detailed speaker notes, that addresses the following:

1.     Illustrate the neuroanatomy of and neural processes related to learning and memory.

  1. Discuss the relationship between learning and memory from a functional perspective.
  2. Address why learning and memory are interdependent.
  3. Use case studies and examples from research articles to help you illustrate this relationship. (We will have two case studies)

Include a minimum of four sources.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

GROUP DEADLINE:  Saturday at 12am


Group Guidelines for Slide Presentation

If everyone could use at least one Peer reviewed source we will cover our requirement.  If you have trouble finding one please reach out to the team for assistance.

Please use a graphic on each slide and put the reference for the image in the citation.

Please remember to put your speaker notes in and your references on the reference page.

Work Distribution:

Brianna: Please do #1                                                                                                                                    3 slides

Kim:  Introduction and Conclusion slides and one of the case studies for # 4 –Related something other than TBI or Disease (Sleep, Stress..)                                                                                                                4 slides

Pamela:  Please do #2 & # 4 – Related to a disease (please include any treatments)                         3 slides

Lizette:  Please do #3 (you may need more slides and that’s fine we have room)                               3 slides

Maisha: Pease do #4-Related to a TBI (please include any treatments available)                                3 slides


Assignment Notes:


·         As you see we will have three Case Studies.  Case studies will illustrate the different ways that learning and memory can be affected, damaged and what treatments are available.  I tried to incorporate the themes from our class assignments to use this as a culmination of the class work we’ve already completed.  With the current number of slides assigned we have a count of 16.  If you need to use an additional slide please let the team know, we do have 4 slides to play with so it shouldn’t be a problem. This is the grading instructions Learning and Memory Presentation Grading Guide, please read and do your work according to the grading parameters.







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