Write a 600-800 word essay on the following question. Essays are to be completed only inline in the box below. Your essay must include an introduction—stating what you intend to discuss—and then provide as much evidence as necessary in clear, lucid English prose.


After reading the book: The Gods will Have Blood, by Anatole France, write a well-organized essay based on the following instructions:
In The Gods Will Have Blood you learned something of how people lived, worked, thought, and survived during the French Revolution, especially during the period known as the “Reign of Terror.” The main events of the book follow the character of Evariste Gamelin and his role in the Terror.
a. Describe Gamelin and pvovide examples of his actions during the                                   Terror.
b. What are his justifications for his actions? In particular, how does he justify sentencing “innocent” people to death?
c. Finally, based on your reading of the book, would you say that the Terror was successful in its immediate objectives and in preserving the revolution?
In completing this essay, rely only on the book The Gods Will Have Blood. It is expected that your essay follow a standard format: introduction, body, conclusion. A good essay will not only provide examples, but explain the examples. You should also be sure to proofread your paper before turning it in.

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