Political Science

What is Political Science?

Understanding the basic definition of political science is difficult because of its peculiarity. To some, political science is a science whereas it is an art to others. Various scholars have defined political science in different ways from the standpoints of it being either a science or an art. Some of the outstanding political science definitions by various scholars include

Political Science Science or an Art? Both the classical and the contemporary scholars of political science have had a difficult time categorizing the discipline as a science or an art. Some scholars like Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, and Frederick Pollock have extensively argued in favor of the discipline being a science. Others like Auguste Comte, Gaetano Mosca, and Frederic William Maitland question the validity of political science as a science. That being said, we need not focus so much on whether political science is a science, but we should ask to what extent political science features as either a science or as an art.

The use of scientific methods like analysis, observation, and experiment is the first reason that makes political science a science. Political science constructs hypotheses and tests them to prove their validity just the same way it is done in other natural sciences.  Additionally, value-neutrality applied in political science research and experiments also makes the discipline a science. Behavioral political scientists try as much as possible to remain neutral when collecting data for political science analysis using mathematics and statistics.

On the other hand, political science qualifies as an art because it applies political communication to express policies. Politicians worldwide have mastered the art of political communication that they use to woe voters during elections. Secondly, political science is not a science because it does not have universal laws. The laws keep on changing because of the changing nature of human beings, who are at the core of the political study. 

Political Science Term Paper Topics

There are numerous term paper topics that political science students can be asked to write about. Some of the common topics include:

Types of Writing and Sub-Fields in Political Science

1. Comparative Politics

Comparative politics is a political science subfield that makes use of the comparative method and other empirical methods to understand phenomena like democracy, governance, constitutionalism, elections, freedom, human rights, and sovereignty within and between countries. The comparative method in political science enables researchers in the field to achieve predictive accuracy and obtain explanatory adequacy.

3. Political Economy

This is a branch of political science that studies how a country is managed or governed taking into account all political and economic factors. Naturally, politics and economics are related. This is because the people that are elected steer a country’s decision-making in relation to its economy. On the flip side, politicians need wealth to facilitate their campaigns when running for office.

5. International Relations

International Relations is a subset of political science that deals with the study of the state’s policies, interests, and interactions with other nations. It involves an in-depth study of one country`s policies, interests, and interactions together with the considerations of other nations.

2. American Politics

This is one of the US`s biggest subfields of political science discipline. Scholars such as John William Burgess, Herbert Baxter Adams, Max Weber, Thomas Hobbes, John Rawls, and David Easton have contributed significantly to the field. Some of the major issues handled when studying American politics include voting behavior, political parties, lawmaking, the Constitution, public administration, public policy, the role of the courts, and other facets of American government.

4. Political Theory

Political theory is one of the oldest and the most fundamental form of political inquiry. Political theory makes use of philosophy to lay bare the most fundamental questions and meanings in the field of political science. In undergraduate studies, students need to be well-grounded in the philosophical works of Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Mill, Marx, Nietzsche, Arendt, and Rawl to understand political events from the political theory point of view.

The conclusion should be precise explaining the major ideas covered in the paper. Recommendations can be put in bullet points or plain text. Make sure to include areas of further research or leave the readers with questions to ponder as you conclude your paper.

The distinction between political science and Politics

Many a time, people confuse the study of political science and politics. Political Science students have had to deal with the question of when are they joining active politics or vying for an elective office. In as much as the two are related, there is still some distinctiveness between the two.

Generally, the study of political science involves digging deep into the sub-disciplines of political science like political economy, comparative politics, international relations, and American politics. Students of political science study diverse political topics that include justice, democracy, equality, freedom, liberty, tolerance, sovereignty, and power. Studying the above-mentioned analytical philosophy issues enables students to learn varied political issues like the theory of the state, government functions, making and executing laws, elections, policy functions, political parties, and rights and freedoms of citizens.

On the other hand, politics is the actual implementation of political issues like the actual formation of a government, the working of government, administration, laws, and legislation. Practical politics is an art that can be mastered by anyone even those that have not studied political science.



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