I need you to do a persuasive presentation which is about 5-7 minutes no less than 5 minutes. It should be done by Microsoft word ( the outline ) . The topic should be about ( why is ford motors is the best motor among american motors) you should include 5 sources in the outline. it should be like the sample I have uploaded and it should follow the instructions. Need it within 30 hours from now.


Please note the sample for the presentation is in the course syllabous.pdf file in the last two pages. and the instructions will also be in both course syllabus and persuasive_speech_rubric_updated.dox

Do not write more than 5-7 minutes I won’t accept less than 5 minutes and won’t accept more than 7 minutes. Also try to make it as much persuasive as it could and say try to make points why is ford best American cars try to cite resouces in each point. Use easy words please.


The persuasive_speech_rubric_updated.docx file includes :

The task for this assignment is to choose a topic that s interesting to you (also the class) and that you feel emotionally tied to.  In a nut shell, you will be persu ading the class to adopt your ideas (e.g., arguments, claims, etc.) on your chosen topic


1-Definition:  The general purpose of a persuasive speech  is to motivate your audience, through communication, to change their particular beliefs, attitudes, and/or behavior on a chosen topic. For this assignment you will be advocating a position on an issue and providing evidence to support that position.


2-  Length: 5-7 minutes.  If you’re worried about timing, have a friend in the audience give you signals. Unfortunat ely, each bre ak out session/class has to keep on t rack. A d eduction of 5 points. per minute under or over.


3-  YOU ARE REQUIRED TO USE A MINIMU M OF 5 SOURCES that will be orally cited in your speech for a satisfactory grade.  Ex.  According to Jorgensen, a renowned home mortgage expert, the housing market in the United States will continue to decline


4- You should prepare one typed, double-spaced outline.  You will turn your outline in to your Lab Director  prior to the time you give your speech.   At the end of your outline cite your 5 sou rce s. P lease see the sa mple outline at the end of the cours e syllabus. Your outline should follow this format.

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