You are the Process Improvement Manager at your organization. You have been assigned the project of identifying the current performance levels of the establishment as well as a introducing various process improvement strategies, such as Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, etc., to improve the overall productivity of the employees and the organization.

After reviewing the results of the employee survey, the senior leadership team identified several areas for improvement. One of the issues is the quality and safety in the production department.

The department managers meet with you to discuss implementing a safety and quality process improvement process (PIP) within their departments. You have expertise and experience in using quality processes as part of organizational change and development. However, you want to use the most current and effective methods, so you tell them you want to benchmark state-of-the-art organizational process improvements.

  • Write a 5-7 page report that you can bring to the next department-level meeting outlining what steps you will take to complete this project.
    • Research current methodologies and tools for improving organizational performance through quality improvement processes.
    • Prepare a high-level overview of methods, options, and recommendations for the types of methods and tools that you believe will be best suited to the situation.
    • Tie your recommendations to the organizational change effort being undertaken in the organization.
    • Use APA style.

All Responses MUST BePLAGIARISM FREE! ALL Citings When Necessary! This MUST be a 5-7 Page Paper!


The Objective For This Assignment Is: Compose Effective Policies and Procedures Used In the Guidance and Performance Management of the Workforce.


Title: Gatewood et; ch 8, 9 & 15.


Human Resouce Selection by Gatewood, Field & Barrick

Publisher: Cengage Edition 7


This Assignment MUST have An Absract, 5-7  BODY PART, ALL Citings When Necessary And A Valued Reference Page!    I Will Pay What I Can Afford Right Now Which Is $10.00.

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