Write a program to read three values, calculate their sum and their average and print the results as:
“The sum is “, sum
“The average is “, average

2. Write a program to read a value, print its 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4. Declare four variables with appropriate names to store the original value, three quarters of the values, half of the value and quarter of the value.

3. Write a program that will read a radius of a sphere, send the radius to function by the name sphereVolume to return the volume of the sphere (find the formula of the volume of sphere in the WWW). Print the volume in the original program (main program where you have: Start and Stop).

4. Write a program that will read 5 sales. After finding their subtotals, calculate the sale discount based on these criteria s:

if the subtotal is >= 10000, the discount is 15%
else if the subtotal is >= 7500 and < 10000, the discount is 10%
else if the subtotal is >= 5000 and < 75000, the discount is 7%
else if the subtotal is >= 2500 and < 5000, then discount is 5%
else the discount is 3%
Print the dicousntedAmount, the TaxAmount based on 7.5% taxRate, and the total.

5. Write a program using for-loop to add values between 50 and 100 (Hint: you can initialize a variable to any value instead of one or zero)

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