this is a presentation , u need to discuss about the depreciation in tax perspective. 
you will be required to find a current event that pertains to the material . 

discussing the current event and how it relates to the depreciation in the tax perspective. allowed to use whatever appropriate content they desire including video clips, websites, etc. 
try to make this presentation interesting

u need to find as least two current event or news relate to the depreciation. 

attach the link of the current event
however i know this is might be a boring subject. soo you don’t really have to focus on depreciation as long as u find some interesting facts about “asset”

but try to find something relate to the depreciation first. 

in the paper. u just need to brief summarize the cases u found (not too long, use common words), and talk about it. why its tax relevant. and why it is important



one of the example i found:

try to findsomthing likethis 


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