Cloud software for Goodwill store


Introduction and thesis


Coming up with a cloud based software will not only standardize the operations of goodwill, but it will also ensure that the customers can easily access the stores through proper branding. The cloud based approach will be effective because proper research will be carried out by a selected team. They will check on the various operations of different goodwill stores and identify a common strategy in them. Moreover, the e-learning will be effective in training the personnel on the same operations so that the services can be standardized in all the stores.


Research strategy


There are a number of research options, but primary research would be the most effective one. Carrying out interviews will the stakeholders and managers will be an effective way of acquiring first hand information regarding their opinion of the software. Again, the personnel will be required to fill out questionnaires and present their ideas regarding the issue. I will also refer to the government ICT website and get relevant information regarding the government boundaries placed in software development. Another important source of information would be the university library database.


The big idea


Coming up with the cloud based software will present a number of advantages to the organization. For instance, with such a system, it will be easy to brand the store. This will ensure that the services provided are the same in spite of the location of the store. This is actually very important because the customers will be comfortable to visit any store in different locations. It will increase in total sales of the store significantly. Standardization of operations could be quite expensive and especially because of the various training programs entailed, but it is expected to increase the total revenues significantly. This is because the operations will be made better and errors corrected to suit the needs of the customers. This thus will result to larger volumes of customers and more sales.






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