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Map Scale

The maps also always have a scale. There are two scales that you may see in the map. One is the fractional or ratio scale, such as 1:250,000. This means that every length on the map is 1/250,000th of the actual length. So, 1 centimeter on the map is 250,000 centimeters on the ground; 1 inch is 250,000 inches; 1 mile is 250,000 miles. The ratio scale can vary, and might be 1:10,000 for a smaller area, or 1:100,000 for a larger area.

The second type of scale, a linear or bar scale, shows you how to measure on the map. There is usually a line with black and white stripes giving you an indication of how many miles or kilometers that line represents on the map. We will use this information to figure out distances on our maps.

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