Submit your academic plan of study draft.

You will need to use the Academic Plan of Study Template and the BA General Studies Concentrations document for this milestone.

Note: At their discretion, instructors may perform an originality check on submissions using Turnitin.

For additional details, please refer to Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document. An overview of the final project can be found in the Academic Plan of Study and Rationale Guidelines and Rubric.




and you need to follow the template



As starting to return back to education, it was necessary to build a solid background that can help not only in completing the required work but also to able to grasp a knowledge that can help in taking right decisions in my path. 


Research‐based effective strategies

It is very important to investigate or absorb how different research discipline can differ from one topic to another and be able to fit in all in one standard format or way that can help me in improving my research skills along with my learning outcome. In simple words, would like to be able to reflect my thought in a research aspect format and follow other practitioners in different areas of research.


Academic discipline –

Sometimes we find it is difficult to put our thoughts and what we have read in books, lecture notes, textbooks or publication in a formal way. Hence, I have tired to build up my ability in this area by identifying different research and academic writing and develop a pattern that can help in presenting my studies in a more effective way.


Operations Management


I would like to build a discipline that can help me in my future and not to narrow my plans. I have researched and found the area of operations management is very important as it combines technology and/or service or industrial sectors. By learning more in the area of research will help me widen my knowledge and choose good jobs that will be beneficial for both family and myself

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