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What is Management?

On many occasions, students face difficulties in conceptualizing the meaning or the definition of management. This article aims to make it easier for students to understand the meaning of management and have confidence in writing management term papers. In its basic definition, management entails coordinating different tasks to achieve given objectives. In short, students should understand that management is a broad subject that focuses on utilizing the efforts of different individuals, such as the junior and senior staff, to accomplish the designated objectives.

How to write a management term paper

Writing a management term paper is usually an uphill for most students. The challenges that students face writing management papers makes them shun away from taking subjects related to management. However, familiarizing oneself with the challenges is the best way to overcome them and attain excellent grades in the management papers that one writes. Before one approaches the management term paper, one needs to understand the basics that should be contained in the paper. Some of the basics include:

Principles of Management

The common and main principles of management include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Understanding these principles helps managers to run their organizations effectively.


Planning is a general term used by the management to delegate responsibilities, allocate resources, and set a realistic timeframe for the objectives to be realized. This area also involves the management creating the short-term and long-term goals.


Organizing entails the management ensuring the organization runs its operations smoothly, preparing the organization to deal with the challenges that may come across, and establishing internal processes to suit the employees in the execution of objectives.


Leading involves the authority the management is bestowed upon to command the employees to accomplish the daily tasks within the organization. Management has to coil a strong sense of direction which is vital in setting the goals and also resolving conflicts when they arise.

Common mistakes students make when writing a term paper

Use of long sentences and informal tone: Students tend to use long and fragmented sentences alongside informal tone. The long sentences make most crucial information meanings to disappear between the lines. The paper should always be simple and formal to attract more marks.

Lack of sufficient research: For any paper to be successful, research is considered the fulcrum to prove the credibility of the paper. Avoiding this part not only makes the work irrelevant but also vilifies the ideas generated in the paper.

Proofreading and editing: The first draft that students prepare usually has a lot of misspelled words and paragraphs that are disjointed. Students have to read through their work to correct the typing errors and remove or add more information that they may have forgotten in the course of writing the first draft.

Formatting and referencing: Formatting is one of the areas costing students in their pursuance of good grades in management. Every paper has to follow a specific referencing style as specified in the management assignment brief or by the professor. For instance, the brief can state that the paper is referenced using either Harvard, APA, Vancouver, or MLA style.

Plagiarism: Many students have become victims of these unethical deeds that are causing them to lose a lot of marks. Plagiarism comes in the form of copy-pasting the works of other scholars or failing to acknowledge the source where the student got their information.

The conclusion should be precise explaining the major ideas covered in the paper. Recommendations can be put in bullet points or plain text. Make sure to include areas of further research or leave the readers with questions to ponder as you conclude your paper.

Professional Assistance

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