For this assignment, investigate the impact of classism on good management practices, especially those focusing on the inclusive workplace. Use the following points as a guideline for this written assignment, and plan to research and correctly cite your sources in APA format. The paper should be 3-5 pages long. 

  1. Explore 3 stereotypes you may have encountered about those in the lower socio-economic brackets. Consider both positive and negative stereotypes.
  2. For each stereotype that you share, investigate the impact that the stereotype has on your workforce (e.g., negative attitudes, low numbers hired, discriminatory practices). 
  3. Next, share an awareness strategy for each stereotype that you can use to combat that bias in your employees and yourself. You must share a different strategy for each stereotype, for a total of three strategies. 
  4. Finally, explain how you can integrate the perspectives of those in the lower socioeconomic brackets into the diverse and inclusive workforce. Share 2-3 management strategies you can use to do this.

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