With respect to consumer purchase intention, all of the following would be among the subdecisions made by consumers EXCEPT ________. (Points : 5) 

       emotional value




        payment method






2.  All of the following would be considered to be strategies for approaching consumers who had rejected your company’s model of a product for another competitive brand EXCEPT ________. (Points : 5) 

       redesign your company’s product

        alter beliefs about your company’s brand

        covertly alter the qualitative data about your product

        alter beliefs about competitors’ brands

        call attention to neglected attributes






3.  Anne prefers Yoplait strawberry yogurt over other brands. When she decides to try a different flavor, she picks another Yoplait yogurt because she believes that, if the strawberry flavor is good, other Yoplait flavors must be good as well. This behavior is best described as ________. (Points : 5) 


        associative networking


        heuristic thinking







4.  ________ involves the use of sophisticated statistical and mathematical techniques such as cluster analysis, automatic interaction detection, predictive modeling, and neural networking. (Points : 5) 

       Data management

        Data marketing

        Target market analysis

        Data accumulation







5.  ________ risk occurs if the product fails to perform up to expectations. (Points : 5) 











6.  A customer touch point in the airline industry would include an item such as ________. (Points : 5) 


        mechanics’ ability to service the airplanes

        ease of access to the airport

        the value of air travel versus surface transportation

        competency of a travel agent






7.  Customer relationship management enables companies to provide excellent real-time customer service through the effective use of _______. (Points : 5) 

       reports from mystery shoppers

        survey data from customers who have defected

        market research into overall consumption trends

        individual account information

        demographic trend data






8.  A major shift in buying patterns is an increase in the amount of dollars spent and the direct and indirect influence wielded by ________. (Points : 5) 

       the wife

        the husband

        the parent

        the child

        joint decision making






9.  Amy and Jack were loyal customers of GreenFoods, a local grocery store. However, after a couple of incidents where they had to return products that were stale and out of date, the couple decided to try out VeggiesNmore, a chain store that recently opened in town. Both Amy and Jack must move through each stage in the marketing funnel before becoming loyal customers.


 Jack has shopped at VeggiesNmore. He was happy with the experience and thought that this could be an alternative to GreenFoods. However, he is also keen to try out other stores in the neighborhood. He is in the ________ stage of the marketing funnel as far as shopping at VeggiesNmore is concerned. (Points : 5) 


        open to trial

        most often used


        regular user






10.  With the ________ heuristic, the consumer sets a minimum acceptable cutoff level for each attribute and chooses the first alternative that meets the minimum standard for all attributes. (Points : 5) 











11.  Most companies have learned that the ________ are often the most profitable because of service expectations and their willingness to pay almost full price. (Points : 5) 

       large-size customers

        midsize customers

        small-size customers

        niche customers

        target market customers






12.  Building a database would not be worthwhile for a company in all of the following cases EXCEPT ________. (Points : 5) 

       where the product is a one-in-a-lifetime purchase

        where customers show little loyalty to a brand

        where the company already has an above average relationship with its customers

        where the unit sale is very small

        where the cost of gathering the information is too high






13.  Harley-Davidson sells more than motorcycles and accessories. Its dealerships also sell branded clothing and licensed goods. This expansion of dealership sales offerings is an attempt to increase the value of the customer base by ________. (Points : 5) 

       reducing the rate of customer defection

        increasing the longevity of the customer relationship

        enhancing the growth potential of each customer through cross-selling

        making low-profit customers more profitable

        terminating low-profit customers






14.  The 20-80 rule reflects the idea that ________. (Points : 5) 

       the top 20% of customers often generate 80% of the company’s profits

        the top 20% of customers are highly satisfied and 80% of customers will recommend the company to a friend

        20% of customers are unprofitable, and 80% make up a company’s profits

        20% of the company’s profits are generated by the top 80% of customers

        any new product offering will be accepted by 20% of the customers immediately, but 80% of the customers will be up for grabs throughout the product’s life cycle






15.  Marketers use all of the following techniques to convert a low-involvement product into one of high involvement EXCEPT ________. (Points : 5) 

       linking the product to some involving personal situation

        linking the product to some involving issue

        designing advertising to trigger strong emotions related to personal values or ego defense

        adding an important feature

        raising the price






16.  Steve has only 20 minutes to get lunch. Although he really likes McDonald’s, the line is very long and he is concerned that he will not have a chance to get through the line and eat his lunch before he is due back at work. Steve perceives ________ in going to McDonald’s today. (Points : 5) 

       time risk

        functional risk

        physical risk

        psychological risk

        social risk






17.  A(n) ________ puts people into a frame of mind: liking or disliking an object, moving toward or away from it. (Points : 5) 











18.  Susan Lefferts’ company advertises widely. Ms. Lefferts uses business reply cards attached to her company’s magazine ads to build her company’s database. In which of the following ways would Ms. Lefferts most likely use the database? (Points : 5) 

       To deepen customer loyalty

        To reactivate customer purchases

        To avoid serious customer mistakes

        To determine if up-selling is appropriate

        To identify prospects






19.  A child growing up in the United States is exposed to all of the following values EXCEPT ________. (Points : 5) 

       achievement and success


        efficiency and practicality

        the importance of the group in daily life







20.  Of customers who register a complaint, ________. (Points : 5) 

       the majority will do business with the company again because they are unwilling to dedicate the effort required to find another vendor

        none will do business with the company again

        customers whose complaints are satisfactorily resolved spread more word of mouth than those who continue to be dissatisfied

        the speed of resolution has no impact on the likelihood of repeat business

        between approximately half and three-quarters will do business with the company again if their complaint is resolved



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