this work is for an IT class legal and policy issues in information technology

we took a case and do a court in class.

see and read the Defense team and prosecution team brief. then read the judge team

so what is required is to write a paragraph as the judge. (SEE judge team for help)( 250 word or more)(support with at least one low cited and reference please )

my comments/note from the court is: (please use them when writing the paragraph)

1. the Defense have strong statement and lows and evidence.

2. the prosecution

a. blaming FedEx.

b. deny that is there responsibilities to check age.

c. they think that the one statement when sing up is enough.

during the court I asked the prosecution two questions;

1. Do you have another step/method to check/verify age?

they said: “Yes, by check ID and Sign

2. Are you planing to come up with new and better step/method to check/verify age before delivery? answer with Yes or No.

they did not answer the question.

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