Are two discusion questions, answer must be about 140 words each question.


Questions are:



 1) Business Strategy and Kaizen Budgeting” Please respond to the following:

• analyze and discuss how Amazon uses the budget in developing the business strategy of the company indicating if the budgeting supports the strategy and Propose an area in the long-term budget that will benefit from kaizen budgeting, and propose change in the long-term budget of the company that will impact product pricing and improve profits. Provide support for your proposal.  (140 words paragrah aprox.)



2) Rolling or Continuous Budgets” Please respond to the following:

•Create an argument for or against the use of either the rolling budget or the continuous budget on the planning process and efficacy of the budget itself and Argue the benefits of relating performance-evaluating measures to the accuracy of forecasts used in the budgeting process. (140 words paragrah aprox.)


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