You will have to provide both GUI design and pseudocode for your primary Discussion Board response. The first step is to design a GUI to allow a user to enter sales representative data. For this task, you will design the GUI and develop pseudocode that will help you plan how the Swing application will respond to the user. You are not implementing your Java Swing application in Java at this time. You are planning which Java Swing components you will use for each value entered and each value displayed. You are encouraged to provide a sketch of your GUI to help explain your design.

You will also create pseudocode for each method that responds to user events. This means if you have a button(s) that should perform an action when it has been selected; you will develop the algorithm for the processing attached to this button using pseudocode.

GUI Design Requirements:

Explain which Swing components you will use for your GUI to meet the requirements, and give the reasons for each choice. You must also include at least one set of grouped radio buttons in your GUI.

Design a GUI that allows a user to enter the following:

  • Sales representative ID
  • Sales representative First Name
  • Sales representative Last Name
  • Total sold for each of three categories: office supplies, books, and paper
  • Sales district (North, South, East, West).
  • Preferred means of contact with potential buyers (phone, email, visit)

Include a QUIT button to exit the application and an ENTER button that causes the sales representative’s data to be entered. Each item of data entered should be stored in a variable when the ENTER button is keyed. This will prepare the application for the next iteration of development.


  • Write your pseudocode to outline the actions that will occur when the QUIT button is selected.
  • Write your pseudocode to outline the actions that will occur when the ENTER button is selected.
  • This pseudocode will be used as the planning comments when it comes time to implement this Swing application. The pseudocode should be detailed and specific enough that for each line of pseudocode, approximately one Java statement can be used to code it. These design artifacts (GUI design and pseudocode) will be inserted into a design document to be reviewed by your classmates and submitted with the final application for the final task.


  • Cover page
  • GUI design
  • Pseudocode
  • Reference page

Please feel free to provide any references or experiences to support your proposed design

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