Grandparent Interview:


This assignment should use the 5 paragraph essay format. Please remember that you should be writing in full sentences and should provide your answers with explanations in paragraph format.(paragraphs are no shorter than 5 sentences).

If your grandparent deviates from answering the question or goes off on a tangent, it is your duty as the interviewer to help them get back on track and answer the actual question.

***Changes in their family of origin WHEN THEY WERE CHILDREN-GROWING UP WITH THEIR OWN PARENTS.(not when they were raising their kids)

Also remember to proof-read for spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors which can be the cause of point deductions.

1 paragraph: Who are you interview? How does they relate to you? When was they grew up and what are 3 changes in their life?(Must be old generation)

2, 3, 4 paragraph: each paragraph will content explanation about each change in their life.

5th paragraph: your opinion about those changes. 

* No  quote require*

Please ask your grandmother/father. If you invent the story, Professor will know for sure. She is old and has experience!!! 

If I do not agree with my work I will ask you to do it again! 

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