I will be writing a literary explications, I do not need that written, just an interpretation of what this poem is describing, what the theme, tone, ect. of the poem. Thank you.




There is no sadness

but held in the bedroom of the

rented house from two years ago.


I should say no

definite sadness.



On the dresser:

a small sample of jasper.

Late summer, the house smelled of bleach.


In every corner we tried

to clean it of the day.



The telephone rang in the living day.

After that, the prepared slideshow, the

walking in and walking out.


The photos on corkboard.

The ordeal over.



The quilt stained white in places

from mopping bleach onto the ceiling

and not moving the quilt.


I could smell bleach underneath and

thought of the acres around the house.



Here, in the driveway,

is Celeste in her workout clothes.

This is the ending of everything.


Quarries, unfamiliar, not

just unfamiliar-



Home is over for use.

Here, in the kitchen,

we learn of a new death.


Celeste is polite and leaves. Acres surround

the house, protection from nothing, really.



In the living world I collected rocks

and minerals, and was interested in

telescopes, meridians. Hills, quarries-


the land at home, whatever it was.

At this hour, clean. Later, start again.

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