Add the marketing plan section, which should include the following: in 2,000-2,500 words with in-text citations. Down below is what I have already done and uploaded to show you what I have already completed.

Develop your client’s international marketing plan. It’s time to polish the international marketing plan from Weeks 1–3. The plan will include the following sections:

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With the country of Mexico as a hole being a primarily poor nation, our product will be a perfect fit. Given the history of having very poor-quality drinking water and not very efficient ways to filter it and make is safe to drink, our low-cost water filtration system will be a very desirable product throughout the country. With the use of recycled materials to construct the entire filtration system we are able to sell our product at a much lower cost than any of out competitors and our system filters wat just as well if not better than our competitors product.

There has been very little economic growth in the country of Mexico in the past and looking forward it does not appear that their economy will grow very much or very quickly making our product even more relevant. Ore product will remain relevant because with the lack of economic growth it is very unlikely that there will solution in the nations water supply and filtration issues any time soon. Because of this, the people of Mexico will need a reliable way to filter out their drinking water for many years to come and our product offers a cost-effective way of doing just that.

Distribution of our product is a slightly more difficult task to accomplish and that issue is still being researched. There are many options to be explored such as the possibility of purchasing shops throughout the country in order the promote and distribute our product. Or there is a much more sensible option and that is to have representatives go and demonstrate our product to shop owners and customers directly. This option allows the people to see how the product works and can also show the shop owners that carrying could bring revenue into their shops.

Much like the country’s economic situation, there has not been much growth in the realm of technological advancement and there is no indication that this situation will change any time in the near future. Because of this, there is little chance of the country being able to produce a comparable product for themselves making it so that our product will become very desirable not only now, but also in the future to come. This is why I see our company’s movement into Mexico to be a very smart decision not only for the company, but also for the people of Mexico.

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