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Imagine that you have been hired by a company that last updated their supply chain management in the early 1990s. While the system seems to be doing what it needs to do, the employees and suppliers have been complaining that the system is slow, and the DOS interface is cumbersome and difficult to use. Prepare a preliminary memo to the board of directors explaining some of the reasons for the issues they are experiencing. Begin by explaining at least four hardware components and how they work to process data into information (pipelining, the machine cycle, clock speed, etc.) Also make sure that you discuss computer storage and memory and explain how this effects processing speeds. Please explain, using Moore’s Law, why the current hardware that the company is using needs to be updated. Finally, review different types of computer systems. Make recommendations on the types (you do not need to include brands or specifications) of computers that will help the employees and suppliers better use the system. Recommendations can include portable computers (for example, notebooks or tablets), non-portable computers (for example, desktops or thin clients), and/or multiple user computers (servers, mainframes, or supercomputers). Make sure you explain why you are making the recommendations and how they will help improve the user experience.

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