InWeek Five, you will continue working with the Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario and build upon your assignment from Weeks Three and Four where you began development for a response to the scenario. For the Decisions in Paradise, Part III complete the following items:
Read the Decisions in Paradise Business Scenario.
• You are Nik, and your employer is the organization represented by Alex, Nik, and Chris.
Use yourWeek Three and Four assignments as the foundation for the current assignment.
Use the information from the case, materials from the course,independent research, the mission of your current organization, and yourWeek Three and Four assignments, to prepare a 1,050- to
1,750-word paper, in which you describe your rationale and plan for implementation for the proposed solution(s) for your organization to establish a greater presence on Kava by:
• Determining factors affecting decision implementation in an organization and your proposed solution(s)
• Evaluating resources and actions required for decision implementation of your proposed solution(s)
• Evaluating the ethical implications from stakeholders perspectives of your proposed solution(s)

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