IMC Plan Team Project (4 deliverables ) 6-10 page paper and 5-7 minute presentation


You will develop an integrated marketing communication plan for a major organization. The organization must publish an annual report, market research, news/press releases, advertising and articles in the media.

Your plan should give some background regarding the organization and product or service you have selected, what information resources are available to you for completing the plan (e.g., articles, interviews, annual reports, press releases).

Your written report should be organized in the following manner:

• Executive summary

• Current marketing situation

• SWOT and market analysis

• Objectives and issues

• Marketing communication strategy/positioning strategy

• Tactics and action programs – specific tactic(s), message(s) and media

• Budgets

• Evaluation process

Throughout your plan, you should reference and demonstrate understanding of the material covered in class. Include references to theories and materials from the text. Do not make the scope unrealistic. Focus on something that can be researched and covered given the time frame of the course. For example, to develop a marketing communication plan for the entire marketing program of AstraZeneca would be too ambitious, but to develop a specific marketing communication effort surrounding the introduction of a new insulin product for diabetics in the greater Los Angeles area may be manageable.

Any supplemental material (e.g., newsletters, pamphlets) is helpful and will add richness to your plan and may be included in the appendix. Keep in mind that the purpose of this assignment is to allow you to use the concepts covered in this course and apply them to a real world situation.

Your plan will be evaluated on the quality of the analysis and the application of relevant concepts. Observations and strategic recommendations should be linked to theories you have learned in class or from the textbooks. Simply collecting or developing a lot of marketing material does not demonstrate an understanding of marketing communication and the problem solving aspects of integrated marketing communication management. A rubric and sample plans will be provided to give further guidance. The sample in the book should also be used as a reference.

Your plan should be 6-10 pages, excluding figures, tables, graphs and the bibliography and appendix. You will be graded on depth and clarity of analysis, thoroughness, evidence of understanding key concepts, and cohesiveness of the integrated marketing communication elements. Your presentation should be 5 – 7 minutes and should address the key elements of your plan.

Research Paper (6-10 pages)


This assignment is intended to help you develop and apply skills and information literacy as well as obtain a more in-depth understanding of specific IMC concepts. Deliverables are as follow:

Topic description and anticipated information sources (see below)

draft of the first four pages (excluding executive summary)

final research paper (6-10 pages)

Papers will be graded on thoroughness and depth of analysis, quality of research and professionalism of writing. You are expected to conduct secondary research that will allow you to provide evidence for your assertions. You should also come to some conclusion about or take a stand on the topic being explored.


ISBN: 78-0-13-386633-9 (Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications)

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