I need these medical diseases and symptoms coded in ICD 10 1. Aseptic meningitis due to AIDS 2. Asymptomatic HIV infection 3. Septicemia due to streptococcus 4. Dermatophytosis of the foot 5. Measles; no complication noted 6. Nodular pulmonary tuberculosis 7. Acute cystitis due to E. coli 8. Tuberculous osteomyelitis of the left lower leg 9. Gas gangrene 10. Rotaviral enteritis 11. Primary malignant melanoma of skin of scalp 12. Lipoma of face 13. Glioma of the parietal lobe of the brain 14. Primary adenocarcinoma of prostate 15. Carcinoma in situ of vocal cord 16. Hodgkin’s granuloma of intra-abdominal lymph nodes and spleen 17. Paget’s disease with primary infiltrating duct carcinoma of nipple, and aerola of right breast (female) 18. Secondary liver cancer 19. Mestatic adenocarcinoma from breast to brain 20. Cancer of the pleura (primary site) 21. Sickle cell disease with crisis 22. Iron deficiency anemia secondary to chronic blood loss 23. Von Willebrand’s disease 24. Chronic congestive splenomegaly 25. Congenital nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia 26. Essential thrombocytopenia 27. Malignant neutropenia 28. Fanconi’s anemia 29. Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia 30. Aspatic anemia secondary to antineoplastic medication for breast cancer 31. Cushing Syndrome 32. Hypokalemia 33. Type II diabetes mellitus with malnutrition 34. Hypogammaglobulinemia 35. Hypercholesterolemia 36. Nephrosis due to type II diabetes 37. Toxic diffuse goiter with thyrotoxic crisis 38. Cystic fibrosis 39. Panhpopituitarism 40. Rickets 41. Acute exacerbation of chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia 42. Reactive depressive psychosis due to the death of a child 43. Hysterical neurosis 44. Anxiety reaction manifested by fainting 45. Alcoholic gastritis due to chronic alcoholism (episodic) 46. Juvenile delinquency,; patient was caught shoptlifting 47. Depression 48. Hypochondria; patient also has continuous laxative habit 49. Acute senile dementia with Alzheimer’s disease 50. Epileptic psychosis with generalized grand mal epilepsy 51. Neisseria meningitis 52. Intracranial abscess 53. Postvaricella encephalitis 54. Hemiplegia due to old CVA 55. Encephalitis 56. Congenital diplegic cerebral palsy 57. Tonic-clonic epilepsy 58. Bell’s palsy 59. Spastic quadriplegia 60. Intraspinal abscess 61. Retinal detachment with single retinal break, right eye 62. Infantile glaucoma 63. Mature cataract 64. Belpharochalasis of right upper eyelid 65. Xanthelasma of right lower eyelid 66. Lacrimnal gland dislocation, bilateral lacrimal glands 67. Stenosis of bilateral lacrimal sacs 68. Cyst of left orbit 69. Acute toxic conjunctivitis, left eye 70. Ocular pain, right eye 71. Acute contact otitis externa, right ear 72. Chronic perichondritis, left external ear 73. Chronic serious otisis media, bilateral 74. Acute Eustachian salpingitis, right ear 75. Postauricular fistula, left ear 76. Atic perforation of tympanic membrance, left ear 77. Cochlear ostosclerosis, right ear 78. Labyrinthitis, right ear 79. Tinnitus, left ear 80. Postprocedural stenosis of right external ear canal 81. Congestive rheumatic heart failure 82. Mitral valve stenosis with aortic valve disease 83. Acute rheumatic heart disease 84. Hypertensive cardiovascular disease 85. Congestive heart failure; hypertension 86. Secondary hypertension; stenosis of renal artery 87. Hypertensive nephropathy with chronic uremia 88. Hypertensive chronic end stage renal disease 89. Acute STEMI myocardial infraction of inferolateral wall, initial episode of care 90. Arteriosclerotic heart disease (native coronary artery) with angina pectoris 91. Aspiration pneumonia due to regurgitated food 92. Strptococal Group B pneumonia 93. Respiratory failure due to myasthenia gravis 94. Mild intrinsic asthma with status astematicus 95. COPD with emphysema

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