This week, you will identify two historical or modern figures within the humanities around whom you’d like to build your course project. We explored many historical figures during our first week together – musicians, visual artists, actors, writers, architects, thinkers.

Devise a one-page synopsis of the two figures, historical or modern, who will be the focus of your project. The synopsis should also include your motivation for choosing these two and any similarities and/or differences between them.

This week’s one-page assignment should be a representation of your selection process and not necessarily research-based. The research will come later.


Ideally I would like someoen to take on this project from beginning to end.  Each week I have to submit parts of the project and I will pay for each of these weeks.   The price will depend on the work that needs to be done for given week.  

Attached is a snapshot of the whole project.  Keep in mind all that is due this week is what is listed above.

Let me know in the handshake if you are willing to help out each week.  thanks


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