Paper #1 – Assignment:  Research and prepare a paper that addresses the following questions.  Cite your sources.

The paper is valued at 50 points.  .  Late submissions will be reduced by 50% and then graded.  


Key Questions to Answer:

  • What is Team Effectiveness?
  • When a Team is operating effectively – what is the evidence of that effectiveness?
  • What are the characteristics of an effective team?
  • What are the characteristics of an ineffective team?
  • When a new team of people who have not worked together before is put in place what must each team member do to build team effectiveness?
  • When discussions among team members breaks down, there is lack of clarity in communications, or some members are highly emotional, or in some way conflict develops among team members, what should the team leader do?  What should all team members do?
  • What must a team do to build a highly effective team?  What role does the leader play in this situation?  What role does each team member play?
  • What behaviors are most effective in building a strong effective team?
  • What behaviors work against building an effective team?
  • What behaviors do you sometimes demonstrate that work to build  team effectiveness?
  • What behaviors do you sometimes demonstrate that works against team effectiveness?
  • Later in our semester, each student will be part of a Course Project Team?  What specifically will you do to assure your team is a highly effective team and one that produces high quality course project results?


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