Although baseball has declined in popularity over the last forty years, it is still the national pastime and with this comes numerous portrayals in popular culture. It is in these portrayals that baseball can either reinforce or critique the narrative surrounding the game of baseball in relation to gender, race, nationality, cheating, ableism, etc. For this assignment, you will be analyzing a cinematic portrayal of the game and how that portrayal can challenge the perception of baseball as the national pastime.

How then does the portrayal of baseball in films and documentaries either reinforce or critique the hegemonic (dominant) narrative produced by Major League Baseball? The assignment will be double spaced with 12-point Times New Roman Font with 1-inch margins and six to seven pages long. The mid-term requires Chicago style footnotes and the use of MLA will result in a deduction of points. For the mid-term I want you to use three outside Academic sources and three sources from class.

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