2-3 page essay question selected from one out of three possible questions:

  1. Consider the term censorship.  Although we have talked primarily about censorship within the context of China, it has been influential in both Japan (see John Dower text) and Korea (Suzy Kim and lectures) as well. Reflect on the role of censorship in two East Asian countries since the end of World War II. How have decisions about thought control in the mid-twentieth century continued to influence these societies today?
  2. What are the arguments for and against the democratization of China? Do you believe China’s eventual democratization is inevitable? Why or why not?
  3. Internet access has been lauded by some commentators as the prescription for bringing an end to nationalism across the world.  It has also been seen as a way to give oppressed peoples a voice.  What is your assessment of the utility of the internet for precipitating political and cultural change in East Asia?

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