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May Flower Compact

The nature of the May Flower Compact provides us with three truths.  One, the settlers desired to glorify God.  Two, government was a necessary evil.  Three, people control government not vise-versa.  A comparison of the intent of the May Flower Compact with our First Amendment Establishment Clause shows common roots.

            The settlers desired to glorify God.  In the May Flower Compact it is clearly expressed their desire to Glorify God, and to spread the gospel as motivations for coming to America.  The zealous nature of the settlers that had driven them so far from home and to make a new home for themselves, in order to glorify God.

            To handle the fallen nature of man, the settlers understood they needed to establish a common understanding of societal rules to govern their associations with one another.  The government they established existed to provide safety, security, and order to glorify God.  The government was from man for men’s benefit. 

              The settlers understood the government’s place.  Government was for the people not the people for government.  Government consisted of the lesser parts that made up the whole which was government, namely the participating people’s hearts.  Without the people’s heart government is soulless and without restraint.

            The American Bill of Rights begins with the Establishment Clause as part of the First Amendment.  From inception the Establishment Clause forbid the Federal government from dictating the religious beliefs of the people and attempting to control the people through those beliefs.  In violation of the clause the modern government has supported the establishment of a state sponsored religion, atheism, or absence of all religion.  Religion is not so much about what you believe but that you believe something and the influence those beliefs have on your worldview.  We can see that when the world today says church, they inherently imply Christ and not all religions, even though when asked they extend the courtesy to others as well.  Separation of church and state requires only a removal of all Christian influences not so much removal of all religious beliefs.  Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptists explaining the importance not to support state sponsored religion introducing us to the doctrine of separation of church and state.  To simplify the concept from Jefferson’s perspective the state was not to impede freedom by extending control over the church, but rather the church controls the state by influencing the heart of the people and the people’s hearts providing the soul for the inherently soulless state.  Without such Jefferson explains we would find men incapable of self restraint and alleviating all of their freedom by necessity.           

          From the May Flower to today we can see the importance of the convictions we each hold dear.  The self restraint only found in Christianity was and still should be a cornerstone of our country today.  Following in the footsteps of those who have walked before us we should not be so quick to dismiss all they have so generously provided.

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