Gender & the Media Presentation
Conduct a sociological analysis of gender in the media and present your findings to the class. (Make a powerpoint presentation.)This means using appropriate sampling methodology in order to make the sociological generalizations based on a pattern you find in your sample. Do not use a single company website to illustrate a sociological pattern. It must be a random sampling. First, select one form of media (i.e. magazines, T V., etc.). Then decide what aspect of this media you will analyze (i.e. commercials, ads, articles, etc.). Tell us who the target market is (men ages 18-25, pre-school children, boys ages 8-12, girls ages 5-10, etc.). Tell us where and when you obtained your sample (i.e. Ch.10 Mon 11:35-11:37a.m.during Days of Our Lives Soap Opera, May 2011-August 2011 Cosmopolitan magazine, etc.). Provide a visual demonstration illustrating your findings (i.e. poster board with images, DVD/videotape of commercials, etc.). Tell us what gendered themes you found. How are women/girls or men/boys portrayed? What are women, men, boys or girls supposed to do or be? Provide the evidence to support your argument. Your presentation should be 3-5 minutes. There is a penalty for taking longer than 5 minutes so make sure your presentation is powerful and concise. Do not plagiarize. Do not use a presentation created by someone else (for instance, from the internet) as that is plagiarism. If your presentation consists of full-length commercial videos from internet sites to try to fill your small window of presentation time, the sample is too small to establish a sociological pattern for a meaningful analysis, and it will be considered plagiarism or bad sociology at best. Submit an outline of your presentation prior to doing your presentation.

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