I’ve selected an actual fraud case to analyze and compare to other frauds in this category.




Pepare an investigative plan that discusses how the fraud was detected and how the fraud could have been prevented (risk management). The investigative plan should include discussions about the use of services of consultants and investigative tools. Students should relate to course resource coverage of this topic (the fraud) as well as to other resources. Deliverables include the two- to three-page double-spaced paper .


The two- to three-page length requirement excludes the cover page and bibliography. The paper should have one inch margins and 12 pitch font size. The paper should include a cover page (setting forth the title of the paper, your name, the course number, and the date), and a bibliography. The paper should include a short introductory paragraph, a comprehensive but concise analysis of the topic, and a short conclusion paragraph. The paper should be in paragraph format, please do not list items in bullet format or otherwise create unnecessary empty space.


Paper should have at least three (3) references. The referenced format should be from authoritative sources, such as from business and accounting periodicals – not merely statements from an individual’s Web page. Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias, and technical manuals may not be used as references. 


The paper, including citations and bibliographical reference, is to be done according to the APA rules of style. 

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