Follow the instructions to complete this task.

Resume Instructions

  1. Utilize one of the Resume Templates linked below as well as the guides to assist you in the development of your personal resume.
  2. Save the Resume utilizing the following format: “LastNameFirstInitial_UNIV201_Resume.” (For example: PrickettD_UNIV201_Resume)

Create Your Resume

  1. Click on one of the Resume templates below to begin to develop your resume. Please utilize one of the samples below in consideration of which stage you are at in your career (launcher, advancer, or changer). Samples are listed below:
    • Career Launcher Resume Sample: A traditional resume format suggested for students who are launching their career and have little to no professional experience.
    • Career Advancer Sample: This format is recommended for students with extensive experience who are looking to advance their career within their field of study by emphasizing achievements accomplished during years of experience.
    • Career Changer Resume Sample: This format is recommended for students who are changing careers; it emphasizes how transferrable skills apply from their current career to their target career.
  2. Personalize and polish your resume to include your skills, qualifications, experience, and education, adding those items in where appropriate.
  3. Tailor your resume to your desired career field of interest, placing a particular emphasis on skills, qualifications, and experience which are compatible with that career field in mind.
  4. Once you have completed your draft, read through the resume line-by-line, and make edits where appropriate. Keep in mind that any typos, spelling, or grammatical errors within your resume could potentially lead to your application being rejected by prospective employers, so edit your document with great care to ensure you are submitting an error-free, polished resume.

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