I have to take this information and make a cash budget with quarter ending March 20X1.



Revenues and expenses
  Patient   Estimated patient    
  revenues, 20X0   revenues, 20X1    
Given 1 October $3,000,000 Given 2 January   $3,400,000    
  November $3,200,000   February   $3,600,000    
  December $3,400,000   March   $3,800,000    
  Other    Estimated cash    
  revenues, 20X1   outflows, 20X1 a    
Given 3 January $88,000 Given 4 January   $2,000,000    
  February $110,000   February   $2,200,000    
  March $100,000   March   $2,400,000    
        April   $2,000,000    
  Receipt of payment            
  for Patient Revenues and Services   Ending cash balances    
Given 5 Current month of service 60% Given 6 December 20X0 $800,000    
  1st month of prior service 30%            
  2nd month of prior service 10%   b   40%    
  3rd+ months of prior service 0%            
a“Cash Outflows” for the current month.            
b The ending balance for each month as a percentage of the estimated cash outflows for the next month.

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