Exercise 1

1. Fill in with records the tables described in the schema from Annex 1 (draw the tables with the data your data in them).

2. Write an SQL select query, which applies the Cube operator on all 3 dimensions, Cube(Week, Store, Group) of the database in Annexe1 with the records you have filled at Exercise 1, and then present the result of the query as a table.

3. Write an SQL query which retrieves the top 3 selling product groups in February, in Braunschweig.

4. Write an MDX query performing the same task as exercise 1.3 (the previous exercise).

Exercise 2

5. What kind of a schema is presented in Annex 1?

6. In which case should we consider migrating from a snowflake schema to a star schema?

7. Considering that the product dimension is subject to often change, how would you transform (draw) the schema in Annex 1, into a Starflake one?


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