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Experimental research helps you understand what occurs in the real world. Research is valuable because it enables you to study in a controlled environment. However, some real-life experiences cannot be replicated in the laboratory. Sometimes an interesting situation occurs, and researchers study it after the fact because they cannot create the same situation again. Under such circumstances, researchers look back at actual real-life occurrences and create theories based on what they discover. In this Application, you look back at a situation that already has occurred and determine how factors related to everyday decision making can be applied.


The assigned articles and videos review a real-life situation about a pilot who made the decisions necessary to land a plan on the Hudson River safely.


To prepare for this assignment:


Review the articles, “Hero Pilot’s Records, IQ Scores Released by School District in ‘Accident'” and “Chesley Sullenberger, Hero: How a Veteran Pilot Pulled Off That Amazing Landing.” Focus on Chesley Sullenberger’s intelligence.


Review the article, “The Hero of Flight 1549,” and the associated video clips. Think about which decision-making models that you learned fit into this incident.


You may also use the internet to research Chesley Sullenberger’s experience with Flight 1549.


Consider how potential emotional responses impacted Chesley Sullenberger’s decisions that resulted in his successfully landing the plane on the Hudson River.


The assignment (2 pages): APA (Cited resources including cited within written assignment)


•Explain how emotional responses may have contributed to the successful outcome of Chesley Sullenberger’s decisions in landing the plane. Be specific.


•Based upon what you know about the impact of emotional responses on decision making, explain how the outcome might have been different if Chesley Sullenberger was a less experienced pilot and why. Be specific.


 References for articles you need


Article: Fox News Network. (2009, January 16). Hero pilot’s records, IQ scores released by school district in ‘accident.’ Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,480250,00.html


Article: Associated Press. (2009, January 16). Chesley Sullenberger, hero: How a veteran pilot pulled off that amazing landing. Retrieved from http://www.cleveland.com/nation/index.ssf/2009/01/chesley_sullenberger_hero_how.html


 Article: Clancy, M., & Ries, B. (2009, January 16). The hero of flight 1549. Retrieved from http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/The-Hero-of-Flight-1549.html















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