Please, type a 5- page double spaced essay about a marketing internship according to the provided journal.


Please, do not change any name from the journal when typing the essay! Keep the same names!!!


Absolutely no sources are requires! All you have to do is read the journal and pretend you are the person who actually wrote this weekly journal, and write a 5 page essay (double spaced) explaining what you learned about marketing and how was your experience working at the company XXX.


my duties in the internship:


Research prospective clients through several marketing strategies. Create accurate spreadsheets of prospective client data and manage leads database. Assist in business development activities  through direct mailings, cold calls, preparing for conferences, and tradeshows. Collaborate with the Product Management Team to ensure timeliness and quality of work to clients. Represent XXX to all existing contacts to best create a positive brand and generate interest through ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategies. Research the translation industry become knowledgeable about including industry    leaders, competitive data, proposal formats, competitive rate structures, and marketing strategies.

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