The Epic of Gilgamesh < is a book

Starts on page 95 (Volume A)
Write in response to one of the following:

1- Consider how the epic depicts various worlds: the ancient city, the wilderness, the subterranean or transcendent realms, or the “liminal” – that is, the boundary-states.

2- Write about the way friendship is developed and portrayed in the poem.

3- Find one or two passages in the poem that seem to crystallize the overall meaning or value of the work for you; or, that seem especially interesting for the imagery, wisdom, rhetorical power, or other memorable quality. Quote and defend your choice in a few sentences.

4- Browse one or more critical works that you find in a library database such as JSTOR (or a print book from the library). Quote one passage from the critical work, and in a few sentences tell us why it is helpful in appreciating the primary work.

REMEMBER to write beyond the minimum required length of 150 words, not including any quotations you use from the primary works or from secondary, critical sources. Also, REMEMBER not to plagiarize, and CITE any sources you happen to use.

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