Chapter 11:

1-The Russian Ruble

A. In February 2014, hostilities escalated between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea. Predict the effects of these hostilities on the exchange rate between the U.S dollar and the Russian ruble.

B. In March, an article in the Moscow Times reported: “The currency declined further in Monday trading, but a ruble that is losing value is a great prop for struggling local manufacturers, which now find themselves more competitive with Western imports.” Explain the logic behind this statement using demand and supply curves.

2- The Carry

Trade How does a decrease in U.S. interest rates affect the EU/U.S. exchange rate?

Chapter 12 :

3-App Pricing for Droids

Every week, more and more apps (applications) are available for Droid-based smart phones. How does this affect the optimal price for Droid-based smart phone?

4-Concert Prices

Concert prices have increased coincidentally with illegal downloading of music off the Internet. Why?


1-you should use the book to answer all these questions (you should not use any additional sources) , I will give you the link of the book.

2-you should not cheating from internet or other sources.

3-Academic writing.

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